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Theme: Information Technology an Indispensable Tool of Leadership

Primary Aims:

1. Demonstrate how Information Technology can be used as a valuable tool to facilitate effective management of establishment and enhance adequate use of information paramount to socio-economic development of the State (IMO).
2. To promote technological innovation and deployment by identifying opportunities for economic and social development through adequate planning, research and access to information sources.
3. Help provide strategic policy formulation through dynamics of modern day awareness.


Strategic Information Management
Need for Information and ways of acquiring it.
The competitive know-how through IT
Informed Policy and Strategy formulation
Effective leadership through critical mission analysis
Hindrances to development and use of Information Technology
Practical applications of tools of communications and methods of disseminating information.

Targeted Audience

State Commissioners
Special Advisers and Special Assistants.
Permanent Secretaries
High Court Judges
Other suitable qualified persons who hold executive positions e.g., Local Govt. Chairmen, Student Leaders, etc.




Three days

Intended Date:

Proposed to be held between 5th 7th September or 12th 14th September 2002.

Format of Training

It will be instructor led sessions with full multimedia interactive system, Handouts will be given out for further reference and study. Delegates will be invited to demonstrate abilities during the course of the workshop to access progress and understanding.

All delegates will be presented with Certificates of Participation, Executive Folders, name Tags and Refreshments.

This workshop is a platform to sensitize policy makers in Imo state on the need to utilize ICT in fulfilling the following objectives, Technology Transfer, Product/process update, marketing/Export Linkages, Management/Technical Skills, Education and Research, particularly for E-Governance, E-Commercial/Business, Internet services, Provision of internet services to Educational Institutions in the state, Research Institutes and other relevant Agencies, which will enhance cross-cultural exchange and diminish the information gap and enhance information flow. Cost Implication

This workshop is a platform for boosting the use and usability of global distributed information network in the state. Particularly, this Workshop will enhance our Virtual Digital Library project in the state. You can contact us for more information regarding the event.

In conclusion, information and communication technologies have the potential to propel the vision of The African Renaissance into reality; however, the form in which IT is deployed would determine the level to which rural poverty alleviation goals are accomplished. African intellectuals should play central roles in genuine partnership with Northern compatriots and Africans in the Diaspora. That partnership should result in a blend of knowledge systems and harmony among technology, culture and education. In essence, African connectivity should be conscious of the cultural and technological realities of the rural Africa and should seek to enhance the human capacity building process. This we are committed to and the workshop. We solicit for your collaboration/assistance, which will also project the image and mandate of your organization/ministry mission-statement, because your ministry/organization name and endeavors will be projected in the workshop proceedings, banners, posters, and multi-medias.

We will be very grateful, if you or your organization assist/collaborate with us in actualizing this workshop.