Poverty Alleviation Crusaders

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Poverty Alleviation Crusaders (PAC) is an international Non-Governmental Organization.
Through social mobilization and survival techniques, we assist in alleviating poverty through sustainable development projects for the creation of job opportunities, such that the people will be able to earn a living and also to ensure food security such that the people will have enough food for consumption and for export. We also contribute to diminishing the information gap and to furthering a better understanding of the need to promote democratic rights and good governance, promotion of skills acquisition and self employment schemes.
Our Philosophy
Our work is based on the conviction that to alleviate poverty, Harnessing Community Participation as a major tool to execute our programmes through the Integrated Community Participatory Development Approach. PAC has found that we cannot celebrate our remarkable achievements in science and technology and other areas of human endeavors, while million of our fellow human beings, continue to live in a world of deprivation and starvation. Our continent faces daunting challenges, above all by poverty now exacerbated by HIV/AIDS pandemic. Families and the whole society are often caught in a downward spiral of poverty, illness and environmental degradation, spurred on by high population growth rates that outstrip efforts to address other crucial development issues, because most families have too many children that they can hardly cater for.

PAC Activities under Social Mobilisation

The implication of an extra pair of hands also means another body to be sheltered, educated, clothed and fed. In other words, one more child means greater demand for already scare resources, in an environment, which cannot endlessly produce. We need to create the conditions, which will allow all people on earth to enjoy adequate standards of living, including the material, psychological and spiritual aspects, beginning with those who have been most heavily penalized socially. Which is a major identified problem in our various rural communities, such as poverty, landlessness, illness, drought, flood, water/air pollution and armed conflicts. Working together to keep our planet healthy, productive and hospitable for all people and living things. This requires quality relationships and responsibility to one-self and others, and dealing wisely with consumption, work, finances, health, resources, community living, family, life purpose, wildlife and the Earth.